“Beauty Is Being Comfortable and Confident In Your Own Skin”
- Iman

We pride ourselves in doing our small part to redefine the makeup industry. In a world filled with corporate greed, overpaid executives and a beauty industry focused on creating unrealistic expectations of how we should look, Fièra’s mission is to bring high quality and cruelty-free products to our customers at a fair price. We do this while doing our part to give back and help our customers and the communities that have allowed us to achieve the success we have.

We’re not a big corporation, we don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising and models and we don’t have executives making millions of dollars a year in bonuses. We also don’t have any expensive retail stores. We rely solely on our customer's reviews and word of mouth advertising to sell our brand. What do we do with the savings? That’s simple. We price our products below the fancy brand name stores AND for every single bottle of concealer we sell, we donate the proceeds to help underprivileged children in our communities.

We do this through a special partnership with a wonderful organization called Second Harvest. Second Harvest is a food rescue organization and global thought leader on food recovery. For every single bottle of concealer, we sell we feed a healthy meal to one child in need. It is our belief that while no business is perfect, if everyone does their small part to make the world a better place, it will become a better place.

We are a simple company of people who found products we loved and wanted to share them with the world. Our goal is to bring our customers the best products at the best prices and feed millions of children in our community along the way.